Premium Tasmanian Walnuts blended with our handcrafted Tasmanian honey toffee, cashews and Tasmanian Sea Salt.

Low GI, no refined sugars and 70% nut content - for a taste sensation spread on pancakes, waffles, toast, enjoy with Greek yoghurt or ice-cream, add to your breakfast porridge, eat with raw apple or banana.

TOFFEE Walnutter

  • Ingredients: Tasmanian Walnuts, Roasted Cashews, Honey Toffee: Honey, Butter, Sea Salt, Raw organic coconut sugar.

    Serving size 25g


    per serve


    per 100g

    Energy  638kj 2552.5kj
    Protein  2.4g 9.7g
    Fat - Total 13.15g 52.5g
    - Saturated 4.6g 18.3g
    Carbohydrate 6g 24.3g
    Sugars  4.7g 18.8g
    Sodium 2.3mg 9.3mg


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