Organic Walnuts from the Tamar Valley in Tasmania.

Now you can enjoy soft and creamy organic walnuts with strong shells that keep them fresh for longer.

These organic Tasmanian Walnuts are more nutrient dense because the nutrients haven’t been fixed in the soil through the use of systemic sprays. The shells are also stronger for the same reason - they don’t “gape” - so the walnut meat is kept air-tight until the shell is literally cracked. 

These packs of goodness straight from Mother Nature are mega delicious and longer lasting ... so get cracking! 

Rich in Omegas 3's and antioxidants, enjoy sprinkled on leafy green salads, with your favourite fruits, add to your cooking, dips, cakes, breads, trail mixes or eat by the handful. So many tasty ways to add walnuts to your daily diet. 

Gluten Free / Vegan


Organic Tasmanian Walnuts in Shell 500g

  •   Per serve Per 100g
    Energy 1016kj 2904kj
    Protein 5g 14.4g
    Fat, total 24.2g 69.2g
    Saturated 1.5g 4.4g
    trans <1.0g <1.0g
    Omega 3 2918mg 6280mg
    Carbohydrate 1.0g 3.0g
    Sugars <1.0g 2.7g
    Sodium  1.0mg 3.0mg